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How To Optimise Google Business Profile - Boost Your Visibility

A guide on how to optimise Google My Business profile in 6 easy steps

This article will teach you the basics of Google Business Profile, how to optimise it and get the most out your free Google listing. 

What is Google Business Profile?

First of all, what used to be called Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile (GBP) and it basically is your company’s free listing on Google. This is where the vast majority (around 97% of the users!) learn more about local companies than anywhere else. When you search for a company who's got a GBP profile set up you'll see it on the right hand side of the first Google search results page. Keep reading and we will teach you the essentials of Google Business Profile SEO.  

An example of a Google My Business profile

Why Should I Optimise My Google Business Profile?

If you want to increase your website traffic, grow your SEO, reach your target audience and stand out from your competitors you need to have your Google Business Profile on point! The more space it takes up the better, the more information you add the more helpful it will be to your potential customers and the more visuals you add the more attention it will get. Adding your address will put you on the map for local search results. 

So come on, let's jump on board and get this Google Business-thing a go go! 

6 Ways to Optimise Your Google Business Profile

1. Don't Leave Any Blanks

When you have created a Google Business account you will need to verify your business before you can work on your actual profile. This may be a given but it is important to fill out as much as you can on your profile, go into detail and give Google what they want (and your customers what THEY want!). Make sure to fill out as many of these fields as possible:

  • Trading Address
  • Phone Number
  • Business Description
  • Services
  • Products (incl. prices & images)

Don’t overlook this as every extra box you tick will give you more credibility and show Google that you are the real deal. Also make sure that the details you enter are the same as the details you enter about your business on other sites and sources.

2. The Importance of Visuals

Adding images and videos to your profile can boost your Google Business listing - as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and people love visuals! Use both professional and semi-professional photos as it will build trust and show that your business is legitimate. Remember that if you are adding videos they should be no longer than 30 seconds. 

Choose a cover photo that represents your business and brand and add a range of appropriate photos of for example;

  • You
  • Your team members
  • The workplace
  • Your logo
  • The building your are trading from
  • Production line (if applicable)

3. Always Present Accurate Information

Check your profile description every now and then to make sure that it is up to date and correct. Add relevant holiday opening hours, change prices accordingly and check if all of the services you offer are displayed. After all, your customers are very likely to search for your business on search engines to find this information and they need to find exactly what they are looking for.

When you add your information on multiple places Online, such as your GBP profile, linkedIn, your website, on Social Media etc it can be tricky to remember to update any price changes on every single platform but try to keep everything in line. 

4. Select Correct Category

On your Google Business Profile you select your primary and secondary categories of what services you offer. Do your research and select the category that you wish to target for, depending on what industry you are in it can make quite a difference. After all, the whole point with your GBP profile is that you want people who are looking for your services to find you

5. Reviews Are Your Best Friends

Improve your Google Maps ranking by having as many (and good) customer reviews as possible. Always ask your customers to leave a review, either by asking them yourself or by setting up an automated system, such as an email that goes out to every client after finishing a certain project. Not only Google will look at your five star ratings as a positive factor, your potential new clients will too! It will give credibility to your business and it shows that you deliver what you are expected to deliver. Having a lot of good reviews on Google is incredibly helpful when growing your SEO. 

And remember to always respond to reviews. A few kind words to let the customer know that you have read their review and that their opinion is of value. It's great for the client, and other people, to see your engagement. 

Received a negative review? 
Respond to that one as well! Be professional and polite, show that you really care about the customer's opinion and that you are sorry about their experience. You can ask them to send you an email to discuss the matter further. Because you do want your customers to be happy and pleased, just as anyone who's got their own business! 

6. Respond to Messages and Questions

Always respond to questions and messages that you receive through your Google Business account, and make it a habit top create new posts. You can make a post to showcase a new service, a limited offer, a blog post on your website - anything you wish to share with your clients! Uploading information and posts on a regular basis is a big part of SEO, both when it comes to Google Business Profile and your website. Any post that you add to your profile will only be visible for 7 days so make sure to add a new post at least once a week. 

What else can you use Google Business Profile for?

We suggest that you log in to the dashboard regularly to check the stats - you will be able to see how many people searched for your business, how many times your profile has been viewed, read and respond to reviews, and more. Keep an eye on how many clicks your post links are getting to get an idea of what headlines, content and images get the best results.

Need a hand?
We hope that you found this helpful. If you need a hand to set up or optimise your Google My Business profile, don't hesitate to reach out! Send us a message, let's connect.