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Web Design Case Study

Measure Twice

The Project & Goal

Sitting down with Mark from Measure Twice over a coffee and discussing his business and goals sparked many great ideas for his new website. 

The site's main goal is to drive more leads and make it appeal to Mark's ideal clients - men in their 30s to 50s looking for a reliable local Quantity Surveyor. We also identified the need for a new look, a new website colour palette and an updated logo. 

The Style, Feel & Tone

Mark's clients are mainly men who are into the process of building a house or other project. To make the website appeal to the target audience we went for a masculine style with blue tones and contrasting yellow for an interesting look. The fonts are clean, modern, and simple yet bold.

Brand Board
We created a brand board to capture the essence of the brand and feel of Measure Twice. 

Style board for a new website design

The Solution

With well-thought-out placements of call-to-action buttons throughout the site, the visitor can now easily view the menu, get in touch with Mark or enquire for a quote. We also added industry-related graphic elements to the site.

To make the website easily found Online, we built it SEO-friendly using correct heading tags, metadata and target keywords.

The Result

We are very proud of the result - the new website colours, fonts, and graphic elements came together well throughout the site. Mark loved how the new look of his logo fits in perfectly with the layout and look of the new web design and that his new potential clients easily can enquire for a quote.

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