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Seo Case Study

House of Yoga

About the Project

Jane is a trained and experienced yoga instructor running her own beautiful studio House of Yoga  in the heart of sunny Mount Maunganui, Tauranga. When Jane got in touch with us at Joy Marketing she had a beautifully designed website but it was not optimised for search engines. We discussed her business and website goals and created a plan on how to reach them.

The Challange

House of Yoga is a local business targeting men and women in the area around Mount Maunganui and Tauranga. Jane has already built up a great reputation and a strong brand awareness. She does have a few strong competitors in the area.

One of the challenges was to make the website rank higher for the specific yoga styles/classes that is offered at House of Yoga. Another task on our to-do list was to optimise her current pages to make sure that they are optimised and easy to read by Google and other search engines. 

The Solution

Research & Assessment

The first thing we did after our discovery meeting was to perform a full scale SEO Audit of Jane's website. We used the audit as a base when creating an SEO strategy. We also did a comprehensive competitor analysis to learn more about other yoga studios in the area and finding untapped opportunities. 

We also performed a keyword research to pin-point which words and phrases House of Yoga's ideal clients are typing in to Google's search bar to find the classes and services they offer. 

Strategy & Implementation

The first thing we did as a part of the on-page SEO was to add a separate subpage for each individual yoga style/class. We also optimised each webpage of the site with correct heading tags structure, added target keywords throughout headings and the copy, we fixed some broken links and added image alt tags.  

The technical audit highlighted a list of issues that we resolved in order to assure a healthy site without compromised performance. 

The Result

After implementing on-page SEO, fixing some of the technical issues and working on the off-page SEO components we started to see some amazing results.

Within 3 months the amount of website visitors increased by 15% and the site went from ranking for 75 keywords to ranking for 98 target keywords. House of Yoga is now ranking as top 3 for her most important target keywords. Jane has also got a plan and strategy in place to keep growing and improving her rankings. 

SEO results for a Yoga studio site by Joy Marketing
SEO results for a Yoga studio site by Joy Marketing

Top Performing Keywords

  • 'Yoga' jumped from #29 to #3
  • 'Yoga near me' jumped from #55 to #4
  • 'Yoga Tauranga' jumped from #5 to #3
  • 'Pregnancy Yoga' jumped from #2 to #1
  • 'Yin Yoga' jumped from #50 to #6
  • 'Private Yoga Teacher' jumped from #2 to #1
  • 'Core Flow Mount Maunganui' jumped from #2 to #1
  • 'Restorative Yoga' jumped from #3 to #3
SEO results for a Yoga studio site by Joy Marketing