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Grow Your SEO Checklist

Grow your SEO checklist to grow your website SEO

Follow our weekly to-do list to grow your website SEO and drive more traffic, sales and leads. This checklist will keep you on track if you wish to outrank your competitors.

Your Weekly To-Do for a High-Ranking Site

To keep growing your SEO you need to work on your website and your brand awareness on an ongoing basis. To make it easier for you to know what to do and how to do it we have put together a 'Grow your SEO checklist'.

For the best result, we recommend that you work your way through the list every single week. If you add or update your website content frequently, drive website traffic through social media and the more backlinks you manage to build the more relevant and up-to-date Google will find your website.

After all, you may be competing against others who use SEO companies to keep their business on top. If that's the case you'll definitely want to do all you can to keep (or improve) your own ranking.

1. Publish a Blog Post

  • Use correct heading tags (use H1 heading tags for your main topic and H2 tags for the subtopics)

  • Focus on 1-2 keywords that are relevant to your business

  • Add article schema markup (you can use the tool Merkle)

  • Add internal links to other related pages or posts on your site

  • Add high-quality images with image alt tags

    Resources: Out of ideas on what to post? Read our article on how to find blog content ideas.

2. Post on Social Media

  • Always include a link to your website

  • Have a clear CTA (call-to-action). For example ‘Read our blog post’, ‘Click here to learn more’, ‘Download our free checklist!’

  • Be active in Facebook groups and forums where your target audience is likely to hang out (a great way to network and drive traffic to your website)

  • Encourage other people to share your content

3. Optimise Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Optimisation by Joy Marketing

4. Get More Backlinks

  • Submit a guest blog post and/or; 
  • Add your business to a free Online directory and/or;
  • Ask suppliers, clients or friends to link to your website

5. Do a Quick Website Health Check

  • Check that your site speed is less than 3 seconds (GTMetrix is a great free tool)
  • Scan your site for broken links (use the free tool Broken Link Checker)

6. Upload Your Sitemap to Google

  • Log in to Google Search Console, click on ‘Sitemaps’, enter your sitemap URL and click on ‘Submit’

Camilla Hansen
SEO Specialist & Web Designer