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28 Best Google Business Profile Post Ideas

28 Best Google business Profile Post Ideas

Not sure what to post on your Google Business Profile? Here is a list of 28 post ideas for you to use today!

28 Post Ideas for Google Business Profile

You can write posts about anything involving your business, anything related to your industry or target audience. We have put together a list of suggestions to make it easier for you to come up with ideas:

  1. Showcase your previous work

  2. Write detailed posts about specific services or products

  3. Post photos of your team or staff

  4. Share motivational content, quotes & memes

  5. Upload screenshots of testimonials

  6. Share a Google Review

  7. Celebrate a business milestone

  8. Show your work space

  9. Post before and after photos

  10. Add a FAQs list

  11. Show some personality - a picture of your office pet or a team event

  12. Celebrate a holiday - Easter, Xmas, industry related 

  13. Showcase how to use a product or service

  14. Post lists of benefits of using your services

  15. Share industry news or updates

  16. Introduce yourself

  17. Share educational content

  18. Updates on opening hours

  19. Post behind-the-scenes photos

  20. Introduce staff members

  21. Feature an upcoming event

  22. Promote new products or services

  23. Post gift ideas that include your products

  24. Share customer stories/user generated content

  25. Post a reminder to leave a review

  26. Introduce someone you collab with

  27. Simply add a photo of your business with a ‘call us’ text

  28. Share something new you have learnt within your industry

Blog posts on google business profile

Blog Posts are visible on Google Business Profile for around 7 days

Google Business Posting - Best Practices

If you want your business to be more visible on Google and drive more website traffic, adding posts on your Google Business Profile is a great (and free) way. Adding posts means more visual attention, sharing your latest news, blog posts or information, and driving more users to your website.

If you are not sure how to add a post you can start off by reading our simple step-by-step article on how to post on your Google Business Profile.

Always Add Photos or a Video

Graphics, photos and videos are attention-grabbing, especially when including people. Try to avoid stock photos. You can even use relevant pictures from your social media channels.

Keep it Brief

When adding a post to your Google Business Profile, keep it within 200-300 characters, as you will want to keep the reader's attention long enough for them to read the entire post.

If you are trying to make users click on a 'learn more' button to get to a blog post or article on your website, a brief about the article is enough for the post on your profile. You can use this as a tease to drive users to the full post where they will get the full story or the rest of the valuable information you share.

Add a Clear CTA (Call-To-Action) Button

What do you want people to do after reading your post? Do you want them to call your business, read your blog post, or learn more about your services on your website? Tell them with a clear call-to-action.

Clicking on a link requires users to take action. You are asking them to choose to visit your website, so you need to give them a valid reason to do so. Let them know why they will benefit from heading to your blog post, contact page or service page.

Always Include a Link to Your Website

Regardless of your post, always include a link to your website. Remember that the link doesn't need to lead to your home page but to the page relevant to the post.

Post Frequently

Preferable multiple times a week since the posts are archived after 7 days. 

Consider Your Brand Tone of Voice

As you can see there are lots of things to post on Google Business Profile! Be creative but stay professional. Professional does not mean boring - you can be fun and play around with it and see what works. Remember to stay within your brand tone of voice and keep it fairly similar to what you are posting on your website blog.