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How to Post on Google Business Profile

How to post on Google Business Profile

'What are Google posts' and 'How do I make the most of my business profile on Google?' are two common questions I get as an SEO specialist. 

This article will teach you why and how to easily publish posts on Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business. Follow our step-by-step guide below.

Why Post on Google Business Profile?

Posting on Google Business Profile is an excellent way to optimise your profile, drive traffic to your website, share your business information, and build your location authority. Consider Google Business Profile is your free listing on Google - you'll want your listing to draw attention and take up as much space as possible!

Publishing a post on Google Business Profile is easy; follow the steps below.

How to Post on Google Business: Step-By-Step Guide

Uploading a post is way easier than you may think - all you need is access to your profile, plus any type of content you wish to publish.

Watch this short video on how to post a blog on Google Business Profile, or scroll down to the instructions below.


1) Go to Google and search for your business

2) At the top of the page, you will see your Google Business dashboard

3) Click on the 'Add Update' button (see image below)

how to post on google business profile

4) You can now select what kind of post you are creating. Your options are 'Add Update', 'Add Offer' and 'Add Event'. For general posts, you can select 'Add Update.'

5) You can now write your post. Keep it short, around 200-300 characters

6) Click on the 'Add photos' section to add relevant photos. Make sure to use high quality ones and avoid stock photos

7) Add a suitable CTA (call-to-action) button by clicking the 'Add a button' drop-down menu. Your options are 'Book', 'Order Online', 'Buy', 'Learn More', and 'Sign Up.' You should always include a button with a link to the relevant page of your website.

8) Click on 'Post.'

how to write a post on google business profile

How often should I post on my GBP?

Most Google My Business posts are only visible for seven days (you will still be able to see your posts on your GBP dashboard, but others won't see them), so I recommend adding a new post at least once a week. 2-3 times a week is even better if you want more exposure, backlinks, and website traffic.

What should I post on Google Business Profile?

You have now learnt why and how to post on Google Business Profile, and now you may wonder what to post?

You can post anything from blog articles to photos of your office space, your team, yourself and your work. Before and after pictures of projects you have completed, an image of your office mascot, building, or testimonials. 

Need ideas on what to post? We have made a list of 28 Best Google Business Profile Post Ideas.