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How To Add & Edit Services on Google Business Profile

How to add or edit services on google business profile

Google Business Profile is a great way of marketing your business for free. Keep optimising it to rank higher drive more website traffic. This article will teach you exactly what to do!

Why Add Services to Google Business Profile?

One of the first things you should add to your Google Business Profile is the services you provide. Highlighting your services is essential as it will tell your new potential clients that you are what they are looking for. Being clear about what you do and how you can help may convince them to click on your link rather than your competitors.

When you check your profile now and then, you will notice that Google keeps adding suggestions of services they believe are relevant to your business (more on this later in this article). Therefore, check your profile occasionally for potential updates.

Keep reading to find out how to change services on google business; 

How to Add & Edit Services on Google Business Profile

Watch the video below on how to add or edit services on Google Business Profile, or scroll down to follow the instructions.


  1. Go to Google and search for your business

  2. The Google Business Profile dashboard will appear at the top of the page

  3. Click on 'Edit Services'

  4. Select all the services that applies to your business

  5. Click ‘Save’

How to add and edit services on google business profile

Check For New Suggested Services

Every now and then Google will add new services to your list that you can choose to accept or reject. These suggestions can be based on your website, user suggestions, information Google finds on other sources Online. These suggestions does not necessarily apply to you or they may not be a part of your services anymore.

We recommend that you log in to your GBP on a regular basis to update your list of services to keep your listing accurate and up-to-date.

How to Accept Suggested Services

  1. From your Google Business Profile dashboard click on ‘Edit Services’
  2. Simply click Accept to approve the suggested services
How to accept google business profile services suggestions

How to Reject Suggested Services

  1. From your Google Business Profile dashboard click on ‘Edit Services’
  2. Click on Edit. Untick the services that does not apply to your business
  3. Click on Save
How to edit suggested services on google business profile

Make the Most of Your Free Listing

Remember to update your Google Business Profile regularly - upload posts and photos, check your details and answer any questions or reviews. These efforts will pay off in the end, as an optimised profile will drive traffic to your site and make your website easily found Online. And best of all, it's free!

Camilla Hansen
SEO Specialist & Web Designer